Practice Field Day at American Legion in Brunswick, Maine.

MARA had good weather for the practice field day event on April 14th at the Brunswick American Legion. Many members were in attendance, a good time was had by most. :)
The MARA pop up shelter. Its green and says 'Midcoast CERT/ARES Communications Team'. Under the shelter are a couple of fold up tables with a few chairs around them. In front several members are taking it all in.
MARA members at the practice field day event.

Robert W1TON is sitting on a hard plastic box and tuning the dial of his IC-706 which sits on the corner of a table
Robert W1TON is tuning in the world with is IC-706.

Donnie and Simon are sitting in the front seats of a camper van. On the table before them is a laptop computer.
Donnie WD1F and Simon N1URA working the world on FT8.

Bruce W1ZE, Mike N1MA, and Tom WA1PJS standing and sitting around the tailgate of a truck.
Bruce W1ZE, Mike N1MA, and Tom WA1PJS.